Avoiding the “ah-ah’s” in Property Management

“A’a , pronounced “ah-ah” is spiny surfaced lava as opposed to the smooth surfaced pahoehoe.
Walking on “A’a Lava with bare feet is not an experience that you want to repeat.

A successful property manager is one who applies best practices and feedback in managing your property. Avoiding the “ah-ah’s” which adversely impact clients and/or guests is key to building trust and the flow of guests. This will be an ongoing series where helpful tips are shared to improve the overall experience.

Tip #1 – The importance of a prearrival walkthrough – Guests are expecting cleanliness, comfort, and convenience at the vacation rental they have dreamed of. Clients are entrusting you to deliver a positive guest experience which will result in a great review, referrals, and potentially a return visit. We all know that a negative first impression is difficult to overcome.

A successful property manager ensures that the property is clean, that it is staged and stocked appropriately, and that systems are in working order.

  • Ensure that the lock box is operating and that the key is not missing and guest keys are available.
  • Check the overall cleanliness and appearance of the unit and address any issues. Sometimes time constraints put pressure on cleaners and areas get overlooked as they move onto their next job. Ensuring the bathroom and kitchen do not have any open issues is key. Some of the common things overlooked are dishes left in the dishwasher, laundry left in the washer or dryer, lint left in the dryer lint trap and food left in the refrigerator. Ensure the coffee machine is clean and that the trash was removed and new bag(s) are in place. Toilet paper and paper towels should be new and not leftovers from the previous guest. Also, checking the bureau draws and under beds for any hidden surprises.
  • Guarantee that all systems are a go.
    • In our tropical environment, it is key that the Air Conditioning unit is in working order, the ceiling fans are working, and that there are backup fans in case of an emergency.
    • Make sure that the ice maker is operational and ice is readily available.
    • Televisions many times need to be reset to cable since guests use smart TV’s for a variety of needs like gaming, streaming services, and viewing their photos from island adventures.
    • All lights should be working and not need replacement bulbs.
    • Remember, it is always better to point out any known issues to the guests which are waiting for the next service window.
  • Lastly, welcome books should be up front and center with codes, contact information,instructions, maps and favorite activities. A welcome gift and note always sets the mood.