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March 31, 2023

News Exerpt: Hawaii State News Volcano Watch

Volcano Watch: Pele’s hairs: a beautiful hazard on Hawaii Island

"USGS photo A tumbleweed of Pele’s hairs — collected near Saddle Road on Nov. 29 — viewed under a microscope. The scale bar in the lower right is 750 micrometers (0.03 inches) wide. The golden-brown glass strands are intertwined, whereas the thicker dark glass is rigid. The shape of the darker glass reflects the shape of the lava droplets as they quenched."

"Shiny and elusive, featherlight and golden-brown. If poets were to write about rocks, I’m sure they would sing their praises of Pele’s hairs. Don’t be fooled, though, because Pele’s hairs are strands of volcanic glass, and they can pose a serious hazard."

Source: JO SCHMITH HVO/Center for the Study of Active Volcanoes | Sunday, M. 26. (2023, March 26). Volcano Watch: Pele's hairs: A beautiful hazard on Hawaii Island - Hawaii Tribune. Herald. Retrieved March 31, 2023, from https://www.hawaiitribune-herald.com/2023/03/26/features/volcano-watch-peles-hairs-a-beautiful-hazard-on-hawaii-island/



March 31, 2023

A Couple of My Favorite Hawaiian Birds

Paroaria coronata -Koke'e State Park, Hawaii, USA-8.jpg

Branta sandvicensis LC399.jpg

When I'm out for my morning walk I am especially interested in watching the small flocks of Nene and Red-Crested Cardinals!


March 22, 2023

February 2023 Market Statistics | Hawaii Island

02-2023 Market Infographic

The Details

The single-family home segment held 539 active listings while the median sales price increased to $459,000. Days on market remained at 61 when compared to January 2023.  

The condominium median sales price decreased to $554,000. Active listings slightly decreased to 112 while the days on market decreased to 31 days. New listings increased to 65 while the number of sold listings increased to 48.

The land segment held with 1,190 active listings, this increased when compared to last month. The median sales price decreased to $45,000, days on market increased to 145, new listings decreased to 232 and sold listings increased to 115 when compared to February 2023.


April 28, 2022

Lei Day Activities at the King’s Shops

2:00 pm – 7:00 pm Sunday, April 30
Kings’ Shops is celebrating Lei Day with free lei-making classes, including candy lei making for children. A hula show weaved in with a performance by Hawaiian musical trio featuring traditional and contemporary Hawaiian music rounds out the entertainment.
 Lava Luxury Realty will have face painting and animal balloons. This event will be concurrent with the festival activities at the Queens’ Marketplace. The festival ends with a hula performance by Halau O Po’ohala from 6:00 – 7:00 pm at the Queen’s Marketplace.

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April 11, 2022

Welcome Back Lavaman Waikoloa Triathlon 2023

We stepped outside our office to watch the many people who dedicate themselves to an amazing feat of endurance at this year’s Triathlon.

The 2023 Triathlon is Olympic distance (1.5K Swim, 40K Bike and 10K Run) where participants swim at Anaehoomalu Bay at the Waikoloa Beach Resort. They then bike out and back on the Queen Ka`ahumanu Highway then back into the resort. The run is then through the Waikoloa Beach Resort & the grounds of the Hilton Waikoloa Village. Athletes cross over varied terrain consisting of lava, sand, coral trail, road, lawn, & flagstone path with a beach finish.

Aug. 2, 2021

Avoiding the “ah-ah’s” in Property Management

Avoiding the “ah-ah’s” in Property Management

“A’a , pronounced “ah-ah” is spiny surfaced lava as opposed to the smooth surfaced pahoehoe.
Walking on “A’a Lava with bare feet is not an experience that you want to repeat.

A successful property manager is one who applies best practices and feedback in managing your property. Avoiding the “ah-ah’s” which adversely impact clients and/or guests is key to building trust and the flow of guests. This will be an ongoing series where helpful tips are shared to improve the overall experience.

Tip #1 – The importance of a prearrival walkthrough – Guests are expecting cleanliness, comfort, and convenience at the vacation rental they have dreamed of. Clients are entrusting you to deliver a positive guest experience which will result in a great review, referrals, and potentially a return visit. We all know that a negative first impression is difficult to overcome.

A successful property manager ensures that the property is clean, that it is staged and stocked appropriately, and that systems are in working order.

  • Ensure that the lock box is operating and that the key is not missing and guest keys are available.
  • Check the overall cleanliness and appearance of the unit and address any issues. Sometimes time constraints put pressure on cleaners and areas get overlooked as they move onto their next job. Ensuring the bathroom and kitchen do not have any open issues is key. Some of the common things overlooked are dishes left in the dishwasher, laundry left in the washer or dryer, lint left in the dryer lint trap and food left in the refrigerator. Ensure the coffee machine is clean and that the trash was removed and new bag(s) are in place. Toilet paper and paper towels should be new and not leftovers from the previous guest. Also, checking the bureau draws and under beds for any hidden surprises.
  • Guarantee that all systems are a go.
    • In our tropical environment, it is key that the Air Conditioning unit is in working order, the ceiling fans are working, and that there are backup fans in case of an emergency.
    • Make sure that the ice maker is operational and ice is readily available.
    • Televisions many times need to be reset to cable since guests use smart TV’s for a variety of needs like gaming, streaming services, and viewing their photos from island adventures.
    • All lights should be working and not need replacement bulbs.
    • Remember, it is always better to point out any known issues to the guests which are waiting for the next service window.
  • Lastly, welcome books should be up front and center with codes, contact information,instructions, maps and favorite activities. A welcome gift and note always sets the mood.
July 20, 2021

The Big Island is Blooming

The Big Island is Blooming with the Hawai’i Tropical BioReserve & Garden announcing new hours/open on the weekends

Effective July 10th, the Hawai’i Tropical BioReserve & Garden located at 27-717 Mamalahoa Highway Papaikou, HI announced that they are open from 9 to 5 daily including weekends. Touring the garden is truly a magical experience with a meandering stairway and path through the tropical garden with thousands of exotic plants from the island and beyond.

It is truly a unique experience, and you can revive yourself in the fresh air and tranquility taking in natures’ beauty. The secret garden includes some of my favorites from Lobster Claws and Bird of Paradise to varieties of Ginger, Heliconia, and Naupaka Flower. The path leads you on a journey to Onomea Bay along the Hamakua coast where Hawaiian legend of love and days gone by are posted to inspire you.

Hawaii has 10 of the world’s 14 climate zones and the Hamakua coast is designated in the humid tropical climate zone, so remember to bring an umbrella and come enjoy a memorable day with the last entrance at 4 pm.

July 20, 2021

Our Homes & Land Featured Ad

We were featured in this month's homes and land magazine. Even in the midst of a pandemic lots of folks still want to move to Hawaii and build their dream home. We need building lots!

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July 13, 2021

Kings' Shops at Waikoloa Beach

Enjoy Legendary Shopping & Dining

Location! Location! Location!Waikoloa Beach

Kings' Shops located in the beautiful Kohala Coast is the spot for all of your shopping and dining needs. With a vast selection of premiere dining and shopping options - the possibilities are endless! "Enjoy Legendary Shopping & Dining"

Did we mention that they also host some of the best events on the island? Check out their calendar today to see what's coming up!

There are so many great things happening for people of all ages at the Kings' Shops that you don't want to miss! If you want to be even more up-to-date with what's happening in Waikoloa, join the mailing list today for live updates!

Check out their most recent publications here!

A Gift of Love

Hawai'i Colorful Pa'u Riders


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July 13, 2021

Optimize your vacation rental investment leading to financial freedom

turtleJuly 4th is a significant day in American history when we gained freedom from British rule declaring our independence. This date is also significant for 2 year old baby green sea turtles or honu who are released from captivity from the ponds at the Mauna Lani deemed healthy to venture into the ocean in what the Big Island refers to as “Turtle Independence Day.” With 20,000 to 30,000 visitors flocking to the Hawaiian Islands on a daily basis, are you optimizing your investment property to gain financial independence. Below are some suggestions:

  • Delight your guests by ensuring that you have addressed their top needs:
    • A clean, shining property
    • Easy instructions for access, use, and checkout of the property
    • Well-appointed kitchen and laundry facilities
    • Comfortable beds, linens, and towels
    • Beach gear and guidebooks
    • High speed Wifi, Cable TV, and Streaming Services
    • Air conditioning and Fans
    • A local contact to quickly address issues that may arise
  • Set guest expectations through a welcome book with instructions and exit checklists which help maintain your property and lower costs.
  • Charge appropriately for the number of guests, for early and late checkouts, and for minimum stays.
  • Charge back expenses to guests for concierge, cleaning, etc. and ensure they are competitive rates for the experience that you are providing.
  • Form action plans from guest feedback and regular maintenance suggestions to protect your investment
  • Partner with the RE/MAX franchise providing your property exposure in 120 countries around the world through 130,000 agents and connected to VRBO and Airbnb
  • Stay ahead of the competition by utilizing a trusted property manager aware of the ever-evolving vacation rental market bringing innovative ideas to differentiate your property. On the Big Island, hotels have increased their booking charges which should translate to higher prices for your property where demand is outpacing supply.
  • Establish a direct RE/MAX referral channel to cost you less. Provide a property business card to bypass booking pass through costs

Honu are symbols of good fortune in Hawaiian folklore and provide a connection between people, land, and the sea. Lava Luxury Realty wants to be your island connection and bring you good fortune!

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