The Details

Single Family Month to Month: The single-family home segment experienced a decrease in sales by volume compared to last month, standing at 150. Their median sales price increased to $577,250, however, while the total dollar amount in sales decreased to $147,601,935.

Condominium Month to Month: The condominium market remains impressive and consistent this month with 58 sales, a large increase since last month. There was a slight decrease in median sales price, which is now sitting at $672,500.00, but with an overall growth in the market by total sales with $66,236,450 moving through this portion of the market. 

Year to Date Totals: The single-family housing market experienced an uptick in sales compared to last year, but with a minor half percent correction in price comparatively. The total sales amount increased by a whopping 45.9% when compared to one year prior. The condominium market saw 7% fewer sales this year, as well as a slight decrease in the total dollar amount of sales but saw greater returns this year by a factor of just over 10%. Vacant land saw an increase in the number of sales as well as the total dollar amount in sales but did not see in increased median price point when compared to last year.